Senior Relationship Manager

RNF No: SJM300469141
MDRT Qualifier

Alfred currently holds the position of Senior Relationship Manager. He graduated from SIM-RMIT in 2019 with a Bachelor of Accountancy.

Alfred joined the financial planning industry right after he ORD, and as a student-adviser in 2017 with an independently-owned financial advisory firm. His expertise includes investments, insurance, CPF, and property mortgage.

Till date, he has served over 300 clients for their financial planning needs, and is striving to outreach to more people for his expertise.


I have known Alfred as a friend for 15 years. He is honest, upright and meticulous to details. Due to these important qualities, I chose him to be my only financial adviser. He is professional and did not promote any redundant insurance plans which I do not require currently. More importantly, he spelled out every detail which I need to pay attention to before I proceed with signing the hospitalisation plan. He is also knowledgeable and was able to explain the different types of hospitalisation plans he has to offer in comparison with other plans in the market. I am confident that he will be able to provide professional advice and manage my financial portfolio/ life insurance beyond my expectations. I will definitely approach him again if I require any financial advice in the future.
Mr Tay
Assistant Manager
Alfred is someone I’ve known for more than a decade and a man I can trust without a doubt. I appreciate his patience and guidance on the investment policies we talked about during our meet. Yes, it might be easier to close with warm clients, but Alfred was professional regardless. His approach to his clients and presentation of the products are clear and precise, leaving no information out. All in all, I appreciate his efforts in our lengthy session. Addressing my needs and expectations. You don’t find many of him these days. A treasure in the industry I must say.
Mr Tng
Inventory Maintenance Technician
Alfred has been my financial planner since 2019. Financial planning is important to me because I want to grow my money through the right investments. My goal is to maintain my current standard of living when I retire. Without financial planning, this would be difficult to achieve. Alfred has a calm demeanour and is professional and clear in his communication. I can always trust him to recommend the most suitable financial or insurance product to me based on my needs and risk appetite. He is always well prepared and well informed for our meetings and approaches our review very systematically without prejudice / bias and what I appreciate most about him is: he does not pressure me into making decisions. So far, the decisions made have been good.
Ms Yap
Alfred has been very responsive and helpful to answer any queries. He is very patient and willing to answer all the question in details and gives you the right solution. Attends to you even at odd timing when needed. I can rely on him for financial and Insurance related matters. I always received excellent service from him. Thank you for providing great service Alfred!
Mr Srinivasan
Alfred has been very patience in explaining to me on my insurance policies. He will always help me to understand. There were a few policies where he had help me with and I have benefited from his professional service. Will continue to seek his advise for this!
Ms Chuwa
Registered Nurse
I came to know Alfred from a close friend of mine. He is a very helpful person who really takes time to understands his clients. He is also very knowledgeable and always recommending the best advice for his clients. He have great knowledge on investment as well, and the willingness to share his knowledge shows that he is a very genuine person that you can trust. I will definitely recommend him to my friends that is looking for an advisor.
Alfred has been very helpful with suggesting to me the health insurance suitable also helped with the right investment plan to help manage my funds. Alfred also has gone one step ahead and helped me with my surgery claims by following up constantly with the hospital and insurer. We trust him with him our funds and his personalised service!
Ms Vadevu
Engineer Manager
Alfred has been servicing me for several years, since I have less experiences in insurance and investment, he always is able to provide the professional and comprehensive consultancy in patience, helps me make the decision meeting my needs. I would like to take the opportunity to thank him for all his engagement and extra efforts. BIG THANKS for his great work! Best regards, Jian Feng
Mr Xia
Principal Product And Tech Consulting
Alfred is very knowledgeable about the financial products and has helped me tremendously with my financial planning. He is a friendly and meticulous agent who will go all out for his clients.
Ms Julian
Alfred has been a very approachable person. He will not push a product to you. He will spend time giving you insights and compares products with no hidden agenda. Alfred gives you space to think on the options. Prompt to responding to queries. It has been great experience doing business with Alfred and I am sure you will too.
Mr Souza
Professional Service
Alfred is a true professional. Very clear and understand us well on our insurance needs. For the first time I'm able to understand what I am paying for my insurance and whats my coverage. His follow up is something that distinguish him from the rest. Well done and thank you Mr Alfred.
Mr YanGhaus
Technician Advisor
Alfred patiently gave good and clear explanations on the product.
Mr Pammusurang