Senior Relationship Manager

RNF No: TBR300162054
Associate Financial Planner


Hi Darius! Thank you for patiently guiding me step by step throughout understanding the entire processes of the different types of insurances and making sure i know what i’m signing up for! So grateful that you’re a meticulous person who goes through my finances with me and work out the best offers together! Extremely trust-worthy and will definitely recommend you to my family & peers! Looking forward to learning more from you and a wonderful journey ahead! ☺️☺️
Ms Atika
Design Engineer
Thanks, Darius, for helping me with my financial planning. He is very patient with his explanation and knowledge sharing. He is very considerate, places my needs and goals on top priority and guiding me towards achieving them. He is also very passionate about his job, always ready to help people to secure their financial future and happiness. It is great to work together with such a kind soul!
Ms Shu Kin
Hi Darius! Thank you for helping me with my financial planning! Darius is someone who is very knowledgeable & professional in his field of work. I like that he is very detailed in explaining the policies and will recommend the one that suits you best. He is also very prompt and responsive to replying all your queries. Really thankful for him for being so reliable and readily available. Thank you Darius! 😀
Ms Mei Ping
Senior Treasury Analyst
Hi Darius, Thank you so much for insuring & caring for my family! Sincerely appreciate all you have done in this short time period that we met. 😊 I have to say, you are really patient and knowledgeable across different types of insurance (which is not easy!) plus, Not pushy at all! Sincerely appreciate how meticulous you are to detail too. Also, thanks for coming all the way to my place always..I know it’s far! 😂 Looking forward to our next appointment after circuit breaker to close up the coverage gap for the kids. Take care! Warm Regards, Zulaikha Private Bank
Ms Zulaikha
Darius is an exceptional financial consultant that places his clients’ needs first. Our family decided to purchase all our insurance coverage from Darius because we really trust him as a person, due to his sincerity, strong work ethics and meticulousness. We are fortunate to have found him as our financial consultant. He is really detailed in the analysis and recommendation of plans, which we appreciate. He is also fast in answering our questions, and has been so for a good number of years for us. This shows Darius is a dependable individual and is in it with us in our journey. Thanks Darius, for being such a good friend and financial consultant, we place complete trust in you for our insurance policies. We strongly recommend Darius to manage your insurance coverage. It’s hard to describe in words, but when you meet him, you will understand. Sincerely, Bryan, Tina and Kaylon
Mr Ong
Dear Darius I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting my family and friends in our financial planning over the years. Thank you for having a deep understanding of the markets, analytical skills and have a passion for finance. With your help and advice, my beloved ones are well covered and taken care of. You have been promptly assisting me with me new business applications, premium payments and even claims (which most of the agents stop at the first stage). Having you as my financial advisor gives me peace of mind and allows me to understand my coverage well. You will always be the one whom I will introduce to my friends and family who requires financial advice. Once again, thank you for the professional service rendered as well as being a great friend!
Ms Qiu Yun
Assistant Manager
The level of service and professionalism I’ve received from Darius is exceptional. Admittedly, I don’t know much about insurance but Darius has always taken the time to educate me and inform me about my various options. He is very prompt answering my questions and concerns and possess excellent knowledge. With my recent hospitalization, Darius has given me great advice on what is covered under the policy I have bought and my options available even on the weekend. He goes above and beyond to help check on the process and documents required to get reimbursement from my company group insurance. Darius isn’t just trying to sell you something, he legitimately cares about his clients and their well-being.
Ms Chew
Personal Assistant
Where should I get started, how about if you're looking for someone reliable to handle your entire family's financial portfolio and equipped with all the knowledge on the wide range of policies out there, do call Darius! This guy is investment savvy too, free consultation people. Anything that I need to find out I just text 1800-call-Darius and trust me, his response is fast. Be it your parents' MediShield policies, your own policies all over the place with different insurers, often forgotten last min travel insurance, etc he will get it done for you. No hassle. Sometimes I feel bad for asking him too much but HEY! he's able to answer and provide the necessary advice. Bottom line, he's reliable and knowledgeable and I personally think, that's the most vital point of being a good financial advisor.
Mr Anli
There are many professional financial advisors out in the market. But what are the chances to meet with one that are not only professionally well versed with his product knowledge but are also able to customise his products offering to your needs and solutions. He never aims to sell but to understand our needs and plans. You will feel comfort sharing and hearing the advise that Darius provides. The personal touch that he renders in his services is one that leaves positive impressions. If you are worried about dealing with hard selling advisors, you can definitely be assured with Darius. Read no more, contact Darius directly to know what a real and professional financial advisor is. Thank you Darius for helping my family!!
Ms Kwok
Darius is very knowledgeable and has great passion for his field, has a very patient temperament and an eye for detail. He does not hard sell, He assesses my policies thoroughly, able to explain in a very comprehensive way to help me understand holistically in whatever I may still need. He had given me a lot of help; a lot of time going the extra mile, which makes me feel more like a friend than a customer. When engaging him, it doesn’t feel like I am just buying a product or service, but rather a journey towards building a more secure and fulfilling future.
Mr Foo
Dear Darius, First of all, I would like to thank you for assisting and planning on what is best for our newborn which save us a lot of time researching across different platforms. In addition, you've done a great job on the explanation and recommendations on our financial planning for me and my husband which gives us a better understanding of what is needed in priority at our current stage. We appreciate your effort and would look forward to meeting you soon for our upcoming financial planning. Great to know you by your name for the past few years from QY and I finally get to know you in person now! I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family who require financial advice. Once again thank you, my new friend! 😊
Ms Mellisa
Mr Lu
Well-combed hair, long sleeve shirt, and a briefcase – a typical financial advisor, that was my first impression of Darius. Darius inherited my portfolio when another financial advisor (FA) left the industry, and we met up to sign the paperwork to finalise the transfer. After being my agent, we meet up about once a year, when my policies are up for renewal. Darius would go through my policies with me then, and after one year, I would have forgotten many details. Long story short, Darius pleasantly surprised me by always being extremely patient and re-explaining things. Additionally, he did not give me the feeling that he was putting up with my questions because I am the client and genuinely answered my queries. Darius took the time to understand my needs and concerns, and though this is something that all FAs do, Darius did it with professionalism and kindness. No concern was taken lightly no matter how inconsequential, and no judgement passed. He planned my portfolio not to give himself the best commission but to give me the best value and growth. He made sure that all my concerns (no matter how small) are addressed. There’s a saying that “Talking about money spoils a relationship”, well that is entirely not true with Darius. Darius changed my impression of FAs, and he truly is a gem in the industry. Shine On Darius! - Chloe -
Ms Chan
Admin Manager
Thank you Darius for helping so Me, Weilong and my 2 kids on our financial planning over this years. His motto is 'Placing and planning based on our needs and budget'. He is not pushy which we like. Darius has make a critical decision for me years ago after reviewing our port filo which makes me port over to him and stay with him as our FA ever since and now with 2 kids which he will be continuing doing so. He is now not only our FA but our friend as well. Trusting him is a good choice and the best decision i have ever made. I feel that he possesses the ability to listen and empathise with us on what we really need. When comes to insurance policies and planning, i highly recommend him. Thank you for your help all this years and if your are looking for a insurance agent, he is the one.
Ms Lim
Claims Executive
I met Darius through his telemarketer. He came across as a friendly and respectful independent Financial Advisor to explain about the Eldershield policy provided by different insurance companies. During the meeting session, he is very detailed in his explanation and patiently answered all the questions I had about the policy. He is constantly working in my best interest to choose the most suitable policy which serves my needs and budget. I have purchased an Eldershield policy through his good advice. Darius is constantly keeping in touch with me. As my age grew older, I required certain policies to protect me and my family. He is able to source the most suitable policy to serve my needs. Through his patience and good advice, I managed to purchase an Accident policy and Life insurance to provide the best coverage for the whole family. Subsequently, my wife had purchased the Eldershield and Accident policy through his proactive action as well. My wife and I are certainly glad to have him as our Financial Advisor. We trust him well enough to manage our policies and recommend him to all friends.
Mr Lau
Property Agent
Darius is a trustworthy and amicable agent who goes the extra miles to fulfil your insurance needs. He has a pleasant and charming deposition which sets your heart at ease while he shared his expertise to guide you in your decision-making processes. He chose to put the needs of his clients first. He does not rush into getting a policy signed and neither does he recommend the most expensive policy for commission sake. Instead, he possesses the ability to listen and empathise with clients on a deeper level in order to discern what they really want and need. With trust and integrity as his core values, he proposes the right policy which you truly need. He’s very prompt and responsive and replies to your queries very quickly via WhatsApp and if you’re still in doubt, he’s only one call away. Insurance ain’t complicated once you found the right agent. And Darius is the right one for you.
Mr Gan
Music Teacher
Darius has been most helpful and detailed in explaining the insurance policy to me. He is someone whom I can trust to do the financial services for myself. I am thankful that he is handling my account and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to set their finance in the right direction and secure their future.
Mr Chong
Sales Manager