Senior Relationship Manager

Grace currently holds the position of Senior Relationship Manager. She graduated from SIM-UOL in 2016 with a Bachelor of Banking & Finance and joined the financial planning industry right after.

She is also endorsed with the Associate Financial Planner (AFP®), Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®) certification and Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).

Grace strongly believes in understanding the needs and wants of every client and providing unbiased solutions with sincerity and integrity

“Money Is A Great Servant But A Bad Master”

– Francis Bacon

RNF No: GWJ300394904
Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT),
Associate Financial Planner (AFP®), 
Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®)


⮞ Generational Wealth Creation
⮞ Enhance Cashflow
⮞ Automation of Portfolio
⮞ Risk Hedging
⮞ Estate Planning


Grace has great tact and patience when explaining complex instruments to me. She is insightful and keeps an eye for good investment returns for the client. I have held many conversations with her and she is candid in her assessment and perspectives. I thank her and wish her a wonderful year in 2021.
Mr Alagrisamy
It’s been really great working with Grace on all my family insurance needs. She really made the experience stress free during my husband’s hospitalisation. We’re thankful to Grace for all her help on the claims. Great job!
Ms Alice
Confidential Secretary
I was looking for medical insurance and Grace was recommended by my sister-in-law. Grace is a flash! The entire process was very smooth as she is fun, very helpful and is gives prompt replies. Not even once I'm worried about all this. Highly recommended! Thanks Grace!
Mr Fadil
Service Engineer
​She is a very friendly advisor and reacts fast whenever we need her to check in regards to policy or claims. I would recommend to my friends if they want to get insurance. She is a capable and responsible advisor. I'll continue to support her.
Ms Juriah
Sales Associate
I've known Grace for close to two decades and despite our friendship, I have never been pressured to consult her simply because of our relationship. We started having conversations around financial planning when I decided that it was time to review my overall financial health and take my first steps into investing. In my requests for financial planning, amongst other types of insurance, she has been extremely reliable, trustworthy and client-oriented. She deeply cares about her clients and ensures that my interests and needs are heard. She would go to great lengths to conduct comprehensive portfolio assessments and provide in-depth recommendations best suited to my needs. I’m confident that she has my best interests at heart and would absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs guidance or advice in financial planning!
Ms Rosalind
Digital Marketing Manager
Before I started on my financial planning with Grace, I have insufficient knowledge in financial planning resulting in the procrastination towards working my financial goals and building wealth. Instead of pushing random products to me, Grace make sure she look at my previous portfolios to firstly understands my situation and my needs before introducing the appropriate policies to me. She gave me a thorough analysis of different products in the market which allows me to make sound decisions. Grace is patient in explaining financial terms to make sure I understood clearly the products that were recommended to me and is always prompt in her responses and follow up. She is all-rounded in her financial knowledge and provides valuable advices in all situations ranging from insurance to investments. Grace is very knowledgeable and is able to provide proper advice when it comes to managing finances, insurance and investments. She is definitely very well-versed in product expertise, and is committed to helping me make the best decision without obligations. Furthermore, the financial team organises regular finance webinars and are able to make dry topics interesting, easier to digest and promptly attending to any queries. Overall, a great financial advisor that I would recommend to my family and peers!
Ms Yee Ling
Quality Control Executive
I was looking for a Term Life with Early Critical Illness insurance product to cover my mortgage repayment in the event of my death or contracting a critical illness. Grace was recommended to me by a friend who is also a client of hers. My entire financial planning process was done smoothly online as Singapore was still in COVID-19 lockdown stage, thus face to face meetings were prohibited. Grace is a people person who is warm and helpful, always willing to go the extra mile for her clients. She was very patient, knowledgeable and professional in helping me search for the insurance product I was looking for. I like the fact that she presented me with a few relevant insurance products to consider, rather than pushed me to buy one which would give her the highest advisor commission. This integrity what I expect from an independent advisor, who acts in her client's best interest. I bought my Term Life policy with Grace's help, the underwriting process was a tedious and drawn-out process, but Grace was very patient in helping me to follow-up until closure. She is now a trusted friend and advisor to me.
Ms Keh
Group Head of Insurance & Value-Added Services
My Financial advisor is Grace Wong. I met Grace in 2019 on behalf of my elderly mother. I had no intentions to take anything for myself as I did not understand anything about financial planning and couldn't be bothered. I work as a sales and marketing executive and am usually busy the entire day, with little to no time for myself, let alone think about financial planning. Not to sound like I am exaggerating, but honestly, meeting Grace has changed my life in more than one way. For someone highly unbothered with financial planning and who had no clue what it was, now I know what I need and what I want, with clear goals in my head. Grace never failed to always really invest her time into helping make sure I understood anything and everything she was saying. Every one of my questions was addressed and answered before she left any meeting or phone call. Grace is someone extremely passionate and genuine with her work. It is not easy to find someone genuinely interested in helping people with a huge heart. I am blessed to have met Grace, and she has become much more than just a financial advisor to me; she has become a good friend and sort of like an older sister that I trust a lot. Grace is straightforward, and I love that about her because even if what she says sometimes may not be what you want to hear, you know that she has only the best of your interest in her heart.
Ms Cess
Sales & Marketing Executive
Before working with Grace, I was not able to understand the financial/insurance concept/plan and all the various different plans/products are overwhelming for a layperson like me and my family. As such, my existing portfolio was not cost efficient. My portfolio is well managed now, with the help from Grace as a one stop shop solution provider for my financial needs. I’m now able to have a more efficient and cost-effective portfolio. Grace is patient and willing to spend time to explain things that I don't understand. She is responsible, always within reach, diligent, able to respond well, does not take long time to respond. My best takeaway from working with Grace is being able to find a one-stop place to meet the needs of the financial planning/analysis and able to carry out the plan step by step.
Mr Chih
IT Adminstrator
Before working with Grace, I have had agents handling my policies previously that were pushy, and when issues occurred their responses were not prompt. I find the financial planning process was smooth and easy with the help of Grace. Grace is very helpful and will go all the way to help even if the policy was not under her portfolio and is extremely approachable too. My best takeaway is an ease of mind, knowing my policies are in good hands and if issues occurred Grace will definitely be around to resolve them.
Ms Priscilla
Business Development & Account Management
Before meeting Grace, I was not certain about what policies I have, when are the policies premium due dates, etc. I think I did not do enough comparison before committing into a policy too. The financial planning process was quite hassle-free as Grace has gone through to study our policies. She explained the purposes of current and to-get policies. Their differences and how it affects over time individually. She took time to listen and access our needs. Grace is young BUT patient, helpful and down-to-earth, always giving time and options for us to make decisions. She takes her job with great pride and is responsive to our questions all the time. She is now a friend who we can rely on. Talking to an agent like her is no longer a fearful thing to do.
Ms Wendy
Grace, specifically, is unlike any Financial Advisers I have come across. She will analysis and understands my situation and my needs before introducing the policies to me. This allows me to make sound decisions. She will meet-up yearly to provide updates on market situation and suggest next course of action. She has certainly break the stereotype I had for financial advisers. Would definitelly recommend them to people who needs financial planning!
Mr Noran