Senior Relationship Manager

RNF No: KCC300456034

My name is Jarius! Here’s a short sharing from me on why did I become an Independent Financial Advisers.

I started this financial consultant journey back in 2017 when I was still a student in university. Back then I was convinced to join a company that only represents one insurer without much thought, thinking that the products and services all the insurers can provide are pretty much the same.

Upon reaching a stage where I didn’t find any progression, I decided to venture elsewhere and chanced upon being an Independent Financial Adviser. This new journey enables me to broaden my spectrum of insurance and investment knowledge as I’m not limited to just a single insurer and fund house, which I strongly believe is more beneficial and value-adding to my clients as there are more options for them.

While on one hand, it is important to get yourself covered properly in terms of protection and retirement planning, on the other hand, it is also crucial not to overspend on insurance.

Trust is crucial and requires time to build, while facts and figures will not lie


Jairus has helped me comprehend my financial status and work toward my financial objectives by utilizing his knowledge and experience. In order to achieve my objective of financial independence, he advised me to implement wealth accumulation plans. He also suggested the ideal insurance options for me. When he explains terms and concepts to me, he is always very patient and prompt in responding to my inquiries. He is affable and kind, and he even offers me pointers and counsel unrelated to his line of work. He is also not aggressive when it comes to marketing investment or insurance plans. He and I have a great working connection, and I would absolutely tell my friends about him.
Mr Isaac
I met Jarius to explore my alternatives for reducing the cost of my insurances without compromising the coverage and to discuss where to invest my money and found him to be knowledgeable and approachable. He was able to make things clear and understandable for me by using simple language. I have observed him to be conscientious in his work. He has a wonderful personality as well, on a more personal level. His openness and candor make him a good fit for his present position as a financial counselor. I am convinced that he will be valuable to anyone who is wanting to prepare their financial future.
Mr Lim
Project Engineer
For the past few years, I have engaged Jarius' services as an independent financial advisor. He has often amazed me with the excellent quality of service and industry expertise he has offered. As a specialist in insurance issues, he is always aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each and will provide you the solutions that are ideal for your individual circumstances. He has made it possible for me to have adequate protection against accidents and medical issues without having to spend a fortune, for which I am thankful. He has been quite prompt in responding to my inquiries and handling certain administrative matters, and he will keep you updated at every stage of the procedure. I don't regret having Jarius to be my financial advisor. Your financial health would be in fine hands if you engaged him.
Mr Boon
Data Scientist
First and foremost, Jarius has a very focused and determined attitude. He is a diligent and enthusiastic broker that doesn't think twice about going above and beyond for his clients. Being a young professional himself, he knows specifically what young people are facing whether they are beginning off their job route, or moving between profession changes, he has the capacity to help young adults clearly comprehend the value of being insured. He has always been a great adviser to engage with, kind, and competent. I'm delighted to continue working with him.
Ms Jasmine
Supple Chain Executive
Jarius was recommended to me for wealth accumulation planning. I value financial planning as I want to use the suitable instruments to grow my wealth. Jarius communicates with professionalism and clarity. He is not a pushy salesman. I can rely on him to provide me the best financial product recommendation based on my needs and risk tolerance. Jarius is the right pick if you're seeking for a dependable financial advisor!
Ms Lee
Assistant Director
‚Äč"Responsiveness", "Reliability", and "Customer First" are the 3 key qualities that define a good Financial Planner. Jarius has it all. He is always there to assist me with financial matters. Jarius is always quick to respond to our text messages and phone calls. He's a competent insurance broker who actually cares about his customers even after the transaction and is always willing to provide us with financial advice. "Customer first" means putting the customer's needs first, and his honesty earns our respect and trust. He takes the time to get to know our needs and then recommends suitable products that match my goals. I appreciate all Jarius has done for us, and we would gladly refer him to our friends and family.
Ms Joanna
Assistant Manpower Manager
I feel completely comfortable with Jarius since he is not aggressive and does not encourage you into purchasing things you do not require. I believe he is genuinely concerned about the clients' well-being. Usually, I don't have much time to analyse insurance and investments, but Jarius has always taken the time to guide me and tell me of my alternatives so that I can make an informed judgement. I also appreciate that he went the extra mile to provide value-added service and great after-sales service.
Mr Alvin
Customer Service
I met Jarius to talk about my choices for investing my money and was pleased by his expertise and friendliness. He was able to clarify everything to me in a clear and understandable way. I have observed him to be conscientious in his profession. He also has a great personality on a more interpersonal level. He is a good fit for his present position as a financial advisor because of his openness and candor. I am certain that he will undoubtedly be beneficial to anyone trying to make financial plans for the future.
Mr Ong
IT Professional
I frequently worked with Jarius. He does a fantastic job and is exceptionally timely. He responds quickly to any queries or worries I have about my insurance plans, and together we are able to find solutions to any issues that may have occurred. To anybody looking for a professional who takes their job seriously, I would definitely suggest him and his organization.
Mr Nicholas
Logistic Executive
A good and friendly consultant who gives a very transparent analysis of suitable policies before recommending to me. Definitely will look to engage in the long term for other policies as well in the future.
Mr Poon