Associate Director

RNF No: TJM300511490
MDRT Qualifier, Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPPⓇ)

Jia Min currently holds the position of Associate Director. She graduated from Nanyang Technological University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Business in Banking and Finance.

As a fresh graduate, Jia Min joined the financial planning industry in 2018 with an independently-owned financial advisory firm. She has obtained MDRT in her first two years of production as the youngest producer of the team. She is also endorsed with the Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®) certification.

Jia Min strongly believes in value addition to her clients through providing unbiased advice and options. Her services include investments, insurance, CPF, estate planning and property mortgage.


Jia Min is very transparent and goes straight to the point by highlighting the pros and cons of each insurer which allow me to choose the most suitable policy. She's very detailed in her work and time to time during the meeting she will ensure that I understand before going onto the next point as I'm new to insurance. From the first time we met, I felt very comfortable and was able to express the concerns of why I want to buy insurance. With this I'm able to fully trust her with my insurance planning. As I did not have any insurance knowledge before-hand, she created a presentation to breakdown those complex information among all the insurers and compared it into much more simplified terms. I used to have a stereotype when it comes to insurance but after meeting her, I realized that she is very sincere and will even go the extra mile to send me relevant information through text which shows the effort she puts in for her clients. I'm grateful to have her as my advisor and would definitely recommend Jia Min to my friends! Keep up the good work and thank you so much Jia Min! 🙂
Ms Ng
F&B Admin Officer
I have known Jia Min for over a decade as a friend, and I have no qualms about engaging her as my advisor! Unlike other agents I've met, Jia Min is very well versed in financial products, even those that her company does not carry. I am really appreciative of her hardwork and diligence in providing advice to me (even entertaining my queries on a Sunday morning) Her analysis is not only comprehensive, but also customised to my personal context and needs. I was also pleasantly surprised when she even went beyond her scope and purview to advise on my company's insurance offerings. I love how she treats it not as pushing her financial products and sales but rather more about finding the best solution for me. Knowing that, I feel really assured and secure in planning for my financial and insurance goals with her. Amazing and honest advisor! Saves you the trouble of pouring through the lengthy TnCs. Highly recommend!
Mr Ong
Software Engineer
Jia Min helped me to map out my current financial situation so that I have a clearer picture of where I am and how do I progress towards planning for retirement, property etc., and also objectively assess my insurance policies and tell me what I need and what I do not. I have always wished that someone could tell me whether I am getting the right policies or having enough coverage instead of just selling me their insurance, and wish I could have met Jia Min earlier! She was very patient in explaining things I do not know, as there are many things that may seem like general knowledge but not for me as I have zero financial knowledge. She also goes the extra mile to find extra information, tips, and analyse my situation and advise on the most suitable options for me. I feel much better talking to her compared to a regular insurance agent who has an agenda to sell you their policy and I feel pressured to buy after they explain the policy benefits. They don't give me comparison and I do not know what other options there are and whether what they are selling is really suitable for me, or whether it is really worth buying. I really appreciate Jia Min's time and effort, thank you!
I’ve known Jiamin since my university days and she is someone I can trust fully, not just as a friend, also as an advisor. She is not pushy and gives me both sides of the picture all the time on the things I want to know, being very straightforward and to the point. What I really appreciate is how she starts the conversation with an overview on the entire planning and priorities to be discussed, before zooming into the possible solutions we can consider together. She is very willing to share her insights and expertise, especially the key details to take note of. Some of these are information which cannot be found online and you can tell it only comes with experience. With the ability to compare various products, I get better clarity on what I should be looking for and I know that Jiamin has my interests at heart. Jiamin is someone who goes beyond her duties as an advisor, and that I would definitely recommend.
Mr Low
Relationship Manager
Met Jiamin a couple of times to review and properly look through my portfolio. Prior to meeting her, I had plans with a single insurer and was not aware that comparison makes a difference. I was able to opt for insurance coverage that offer higher, more competitive benefits as a result, and even managed to save some cost on premiums! I also appreciate how Jiamin shares a bigger overview of financial planning beyond just insurance - since my insurance pays me a lump sum (that isn’t a small amount upon claim), it is important that I am clear about who I want this amount to go to, and how it is to be allocated when I am gone. Thank you Jiamin for sharing!
Mr Vincent
Quality cum Engineering Executive
When I first met Jia Min, I already had an existing agent; Despite this, I admired that she did not hard sell, and instead pointed out the bigger truths which gave me so much more clarity for what constitutes proper planning. Blink of an eye, I’ve engaged her for 4 years already, and all this time, I have continued to feel at ease leaving my investment and insurance planning with her! Her warm demeanor and personal touch makes me feel well taken care of. Jia Min is an advisor who walks the talk. She recommends suitable investments to me and does this by drawing reference to her own investment portfolio, which she is very actively invested in. She doesn’t exaggerate investment returns and makes investing very applicable to my real life! Her knowledge in the field and attention to detail makes me feel rest assured. Grateful for an advisor turned friend, thank you Jia Min!
Mr Tan
Met JM through a mutual friend and was super happy to have gotten my first insurance plans from her! Being fresh out of university, I met a few other financial advisors prior but was unable to settle on a particular plan as there was a lot to take in with so much information to dissect! She was able to slowly explain to me and ensured that I understood what my concerns were before signing up for any plans. Something admirable about her is that she is very real and which is something hard to find with some financial advisors these days! JM was clear and provided me with the necessary information that suited my needs! She is extremely professional and approachable to her clients and I would definitely recommend her if you need help with purchasing insurance or any sort of financial advise!
Mr Song
Commercial Coordinator
Appreciate Jiamin's non-biased advice from day one! Unlike other agents I’ve met who try to push me plans I may not need, Jiamin took time to highlight what’s most important for me - my hospital plan. I am thankful to have followed her advice to secure my coverage, as later on, when I had to claim for two surgeries (the bills amounted to about $10k), my plan allowed me to waive off most of this amount. While making the claim, there were also some admin issues to handle and Jiamin was there at every step to guide me through and check on anything that needed clarification asap with the insurer/ clinic. For my investments, Jiamin is also very dedicated and sends me regular reports to update on performances. I highly recommend Jiamin to all those looking for insurance and investments, as she is easygoing and dependable!
Mr Ismail
Process Specialist
Jia Min is a responsive and dependable advisor. There were a few claims I needed help with recently, and she has assisted me promptly, ensuring that the claims process is smooth and paid out asap. Much appreciated! As she sends me important updates from time to time, we’ve kept in touch and I’ve reach out for a policy review recently. In our recent session, she is able to put herself into our shoes to optimise my family’s coverage and cater to my needs. She is also able recommend the best value insurer accordingly, taking care of any pros and cons of each insurer I should be aware of.
Mr Tay
Marketing General Manager
Jia Min is very trustworthy and reliable. She attended to all my queries very promptly and patiently each time I asked her about different plans in the market. She was very transparent with her analysis and prepared a very detailed breakdown of the various plans which might be suitable for me. She is definitely very well-versed in product expertise and committed to helping me make the best decision without obligations. I love how she breaks down our complex topics into simplified conversations so it is easily comprehensible. I highly recommend her services!
Ms Low
Jia Min is a very sincere and genuine financial advisor whom I can trust and rely on for any financial advice, handling of policies and technical queries. She goes the extra mile to make sure that I understand what I’m purchasing and genuinely wants the best policy fit for me. Appreciate how she is so open with sharing all her financial and investment knowledge and is ever so willing to listen whenever I need any advice. It’s been a pleasure being under her care and I would highly recommend Jia Min!!
Ms Chew
Relationship Manager
Jia Min is a great person with great character. She is very trustworthy and provides excellent service. I gained so much clarity after speaking with her! She was able to show me a clear overview across insurers and even shared with me some blind spots that most agents fail to point out to me. I believe that a good advisor is someone who also services well post-purchase. Jia Min is very prompt and responsive over text. She will send me relevant updates that I ought to be informed about from time to time. I would recommend Jia Min to anyone without hesitation or reservation. I have full trust in her work. Keep it up Jia Min!
Ms Chin
Quantity Surveyor
Jia Min is very efficient at her work and always spends extra effort to simplify and ensure I understand the investment solutions and insurance products recommended to me. The plans are also well-suited to my current needs. As someone who is competent, I feel at ease doing my financial planning with her.
Ms Tam
Lab Scientist
Jia Min is a detail-oriented and friendly professional. She is responsive, and explains every policy in great detail to me. It is great to meet an advisor who knows her products well, handles my claims efficiently, and is able to recommend suitably for my needs.
Ms Yau
Customer Service Officer
Jia Min provides professional and value-adding advice to me. She is a trustworthy and dependable advisor who is ALWAYS prompt and detailed in her responses to all of my questions. I highly recommend Jia Min to friends, family & everyone who is looking for a financial advisor!
Ms Kuah
Property Agent
Impressed with Jia Min's professionalism since the moment we first met up. There was no beating around the bush and she clearly articulated the essences and benefits of the services provided to me. Even the current Covid-19 situation did not deter her dedicated outreach to her clients. Keep up the good work 👍🏼
Mr Ho
Civil Servant
Jia Min is very helpful and quick in response as my advisor! She is always friendly and humble. Recently, I went into some financial difficulties, and needed her help on some administrative matters regarding my policy. When I reached out to her, she was prompt to reply over WhatsApp and immediately acted on my request. I appreciate how she shows concern beyond her advisor role, and understands my situation, leaving me with a peace of mind by updating me on the status constantly. Appreciate Jia Min's help and am glad that I have her as my advisor. Thanks so much, Jia Min. 🙂
Ms Tee
PHV Driver
I first got to know Jiamin through my cousin. It’s been a joy speaking to her! She’s kept in touch with me over the years, provided me with relevant updates and remains very contactable when I have queries and need her help. Recently, Jiamin provided me with an overview of my cashflow which gave me alot more clarity about my finances. After the meet with her, I feel assured that I’m in the right direction and know what are the next steps to take. Jiamin also takes great care of my insurance needs and takes time to compare and explain the plans to me. I can see that Jiamin is very passionate about what she does as an advisor. Thank you Jiamin!
Ms Chin
Quantity Surveyor
It is my privilege to have Jia Min and Rui Han in assisting me on this journey. They have been very honest, transparent and supportive in getting a good term plan for me. Although I have some existing medical conditions, it did not deter them from trying to help me. I am very appreciative to have them accompanying me to complete my Will at a competitive rate as well. Even when they are not really earning from the process of me drawing up my Will, they are still doing the backend coordination to give me a greater peace of mind. A big kudo to the team. Highly recommended!
Ms Zheng
Programme Manager
I had the pleasure of meeting Jia Min and have been thoroughly pleased with the service she provided. As a knowledgeable and experienced financial adviser, she has a deep understanding of the Singapore CPF structure. She is professional and unassuming, providing sound and reliable advice on investments and financial planning without any hard sell tactics. She is patient and takes the time to answer my questions and explain her advice in detail. I truly recommend Jia Min for anyone looking for personalized and pleasant financial advice.
Mr Luke
IT Professional
Ms Jia Min is a very helpful & supportive consultant. She’s a pleasant person who explains on all our queries with accuracy and patience. She regularly keeps us posted of the changes happening in the financial industry. A complete package of talent with sincerity rare to find, truly an asset to the organisation.
Mdm Mani
Admin Executive
Jiamin is very approachable. She has given me a very good overview of my cashflow, hence I now have a clearer picture of my overall financial situation and know how to move forward going on. Appreciate her consultation and advice. Definitely highly recommended!
Ms Maureen
Jiamin was introduced to me by my sister, who recommended her to me as she is warm and knowledgeable. After meeting her a couple of times for my policy review, she is indeed genuine, as she was fine with me asking about alternatives insurers besides the one recommended to me. Also, unlike most agents I've met, I opened up to her quickly as she is very friendly. I'm glad to have her as my adviser!
Ms Ruby
Sales Manager