Senior Relationship Manager

RNF No: SJ-300023532
Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPPⓇ)


Having known Rayers for many years, I can confidently say that Rayers is a very trustworthy and a patient person. He is very knowledgeable and able to provide proper advice when it comes to managing finances, insurance and investments. Furthermore, He is an engaging person that is able to make dry topics interesting, easier to digest and promptly attending to any queries that I have. Overall, a great financial advisor that I would recommend to my family and peers.
Mr Yeo
Software Engineer
I have know Rayers for many years, I can fully trust him as a friend and put my mine savings and earnings for him to help me invest and also buy the most appropriate insurance, through his sharing of his life experience and knowledge about investment , insurance and finance I can also trust him as my finical advisor too. I'm a person that doesn't really care what I need to know, but still he takes the extra effort to make me understand and what I have to know as an growing adult. Overall his a great mentor.
Mr Tan
Rayers has been a very well-informed and insightful advisor. Providing us with timely updates and proper reasoning between switching of certain funds and simplified updates on the current global financial situation. His decisions are made on the basis of having customers' needs coming first, ensuring that every individual needs are met and that the benefits are most optimised. As dry as certain topics may be, he tries his best to cover each topic in a comprehensive but simple to understand way. His dedication in ensuring every single one of his clients is knowledgeable in the field is a very honorable action.
Mr Jay
I was introduced to Rayers from a friend of mine. From the get-go, he was very approachable and friendly. He is easily able to build rapport with me and is very knowledgeable with the latest market trends, investments and insurance. He loves to give knowledge to us where he keep us up to date to the latest news that effects the market and his predictions regarding it. Overall, a great adviser and friend that I would introduce to my peers.
Mr Nizar
I have only met Rayers recently but his warm personality has made me feel l can trust him as an advisor and as a friend. His deep knowledge in investments has also widened my eyes into the world of investing and he has fueled my hunger to learn more. He is an outstanding mentor and I will definitely recommend him to my peers
Mr Russell
Rayers is very detailed and patient. He will take the time to go through details slowly which is helpful. He will also take the time to go through things step by step with you so you don’t get confused. He’s knowledgeable and willing to answer the questions you may have. He is also very reachable throughout the week which makes thing easy.
Ms Jennifer
Architect Designer
I have known Rayers for over 10 years and he has always been a supportive friend in many ways. As an advisor, he has given me many great advise and taught me alot. His insights and foresight for investment has broadened my horizon and a great help in my portfolio.
Mr Jeremy
Project Manager
Rayer is a great friend and advisor to have as he go through every process with you. Ensure you understand what you are doing with your finances. Before you risk your livelihood. On top of that, Rayer always thrive to improve himself in term of knowleadge and other aspect of his personal development.
Mr Keith
Rayers has been giving me sound financial advice for many years. He will actively inform me of any changes and opportunities for investment and always ensure that my queries are answered. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an adept and good-natured advisor!
Mr Heng
Rayers is a very responsible and knowledgeable advisor. He helps me not just for my portfolio, but many other aspects that will affect my finance, career and even family. I am very grateful to him. He is also one of the best I ever met when it comes to investments.
Mr Neo
Safety Coordinator
Highly recommend Rayers to everyone who is looking at getting help for finance and investment! He is an expert in this field as he has good knowledge in finance and investment. He has been helping me with managing my finance for the past 3 years as my finance manager.
Mr Darryl
Rayers is a great friend and advisor. He is very knowledgeable in his field and always shares his insight with his peers. He is even willing to provide his professional opinions when I approached him with my financial queries. To sum it up, he is a great financial advisor who always seek to improve in his field.
Mr Foo
A friend of mine introduce me to Rayers in the year 2019 and from that date till now Rayers has been saving my money in a huge amount. Because I am a day trader and I learn the fundamentals a lot however I always get greedy when it comes to taking profit so I end up losing upto $69k USD.. however after Rayers comes in to our lives and talk is through on how and when we should be investing our money with important rules especially with the help of his IFAST platform! I started reducing my losses. I do the RSP of IFAST monthly and it’s very flexible and convenient according to my needs. The fees are low! And initially I was skeptical too because when I deposit in iFAST in the year 2019 I was on a loss and I still remember that the fund was BlackRock. Now it’s 1 year passed Rayers has switched my funds probably at least 4 times and I am in my green zone profiting!! Best part is that he actually texts us on why he is switching funds and explaining the fundamentals behind his act! Which actually also gave us more knowledge on the world affairs and every funds purpose. I am 25 years old and I am investing for 7 years. However I have never come across such a Financial Advisor before. Rayers is probably the 1 in a million FA to actually go to the extra mile just to make sure his client learns and earns the same time! Thank you Rayers for introducing me to IFAST! I will definitely recommend his service to anybody as long as you are driven to invest on a monthly basis!.
Mr Shanger
Rayers is a motivated and knowledgeable financial consultant that has helped me start my journey towards financial independence. He answers any doubts regarding my finances and given advice according to my situation and goals.
Mr Poh
Rayers is very helpful. He ran through all the options during my search for the right hospitalisation plan. He even followed me to all the hospitals to assist with assessment when I need a surgery on my ACL.
Mr Stanley