Senior Deputy Director

RNF No: KRH300305935
MDRT Qualifier, Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPPⓇ), Certified Wealth Management Advisor (CWMA)

Rui Han currently holds the position of Senior Deputy Director and is the team lead of team Advantedge Advisory, on top of running his own financial advisory and wealth management practice.

Rui Han graduated from Nanyang Technological University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Accountancy. He started financial advisory as early as during his undergraduate years. He chose an independent firm because he believes that it will allow him to give more objective recommendations to clients and provide a wider range of solutions and services.

Rui Han specializes in investment portfolio construction, estate and legacy planning, and protection planning.

His accreditations include Certified Wealth Management Adviser (CWMA), Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP) , Master Fund Advisor, Accredited Mortgage Specialist, and has achieved the awards of Top New Producer, Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), and Top Unit Manager (1st Runner Up). He also sits on the company’s Investment Advisory Committee and is a volunteer subject matter trainer for the company.


Rui Han is a driven and committed individual who pushes his limits for greater success. Being his client makes me feel assured as he understands the products well and never fails to update me with new information whenever.
Ms Chia
Efficient, knowledgeable and trustable. He genuinely cares and is committed to understand/cater to your needs. As his client, I feel secured that he will be there to assist even after the purchase of the policies. Will definitely recommend him to my friends around me
Ms Lee
Ruihan is very proficient at his work and is always willing to go the extra mile to understand my needs as a client, and to make sure I understood clearly the products that he was recommending to me. He is also very friendly and approachable, and is genuine in helping his clients
Mr Wong
Rui Han restructured my entire portfolio which helped me save so much $ over the years, while being fully covered to cushion life’s unexpected. With the addition of a new family member, he and his team are still the trusted advisors my family goes to. Thankful to have met them.
Ms Goh
The advisory service that Rui Han provides is a notch above the rest. He explained every policy in detail to me, right down to the technicalities. It's great to meet an agent who knows his products well and is able to recommend me something suitable for my current needs. Thanks for your patience, as well as sincerity in wanting the best for your clients 🙂
Ms Lim
People Experience Lead
Thorough, thoughtful and trustworthy, Rui Han has taught me much about the finance industry. Being new to wealth management, I thoroughly appreciate his sharing and evaluations of insurance schemes and investment tools. Rui Han always journeys the extra mile by listening, querying and tailoring service solutions to fit my needs to the T. His open-mindedness, readiness to address my concerns and candour makes him my go-to advisor.
Ms Chong
My experience with Rui Han was informative and pleasant. He patiently goes through different ideas and concepts and gave professional advice by recommending the policies that best suited my requirements. Very dedicated and always prompt in his replies. Overall, Rui Han is a friendly, trustworthy and comfortable person to talk to. Will recommend him to any of my friends 🙂
Ms Ong
Operations Executive
Rui Han is unlike any Financial Advisers i have encountered. Instead of pushing random products to me, he firstly understands my situation and my needs before introducing the policies to me. He gave me a thorough analysis of different products in the market which allows me to make sound decisions. Honestly, he broke the stereotype i had for financial advisers. Would recommend him to people who needs financial planning!
Mr Wan
Audit Assistant
Rui Han is a brilliant advisor like no other. He remains steadfast in providing highly accurate and objective view points in all our discussions and prioritises his clients needs. He always ensures I make the most informed choices and facilitates my decision making process by furnishing me with solid explanations even down to the technicalities. Not only is he trustworthy, he is generous with his time and is always prompt in his responses and follow ups, providing valuable advices in all situations ranging from insurance to investments. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Rui Han to my friends and family.
Ms Lee
Account Manager
Needed my insurance framework reviewed and was recommended by someone to see Rui Han and Yi Jun to get an opinion. Having met many other insurance advisors previously, I found that they are not only very knowledgeable but they applied their knowledge with client's interest in mind. It was a very pleasant and efficient journey reviewing and rationalising all my insurance plans with their advice and help. I would recommend them to any of my friends as the go to person for insurance advice.
Dr Chong
It is my privilege to have Jia Min and Rui Han in assisting me on this journey. They have been very honest, transparent and supportive in getting a good term plan for me. Although I have some existing medical conditions, it did not deter them from trying to help me. I am very appreciative to have them accompanying me to complete my Will at a competitive rate as well. Even when they are not really earning from the process of me drawing up my Will, they are still doing the backend coordination to give me a greater peace of mind. A big kudo to the team. Highly recommended!
Ms Zheng
Programme Manager
Rui Han gave a comprehensive and sincere review of all my insurance policies. He gave his professional opinion and made suggestions on what I could consider to optimise my policies, based on my current status and future plans. As Rui Han is not bounded by a single Insurance company, his advice is non-biased and no hardselling. This is exactly what I am looking for. I will definitely recommend him to friends that need a non-biased review and advice on their insurance policies.
Mr Maarof
Rui Han was really patient and informative, taking time for my financial planning and explaining to me in detail about each aspect. There was absolutely no hard selling and he even helped me save on my insurance and increase my coverage
Ms Tanoue
Many thanks and much grateful to Ruihan who has helped me so much in taking over and handling my hospital claims so well! Thankful for the availability and dependability that Ruihan really provides! Ruihan also gives me sound advice on my policies and claims and this allows me to have a peace of mind and to make wise life decisions.
Ms Tan
Sales Operations
Very clear and easy to understand while not losing the information and insight into how I should approach finding the right insurance for myself. Not many financial advisers would go through the rationale with the clients at least from my own experience.
Mr Chang
Physics Associate
Rui Han has been my trusty financial advisor for the last 4 years 🙂 I like how he gives his sound advices and justifies the numbers he puts up. He's also really open to ideas and friendly - this means a lot to me as it translates to open, transparent and fruitful conversations about life/finances.
Business Deveopment
Ruihan is extremely patient and client-oriented. He is extremely transparent and goes beyond to provide a comprehensive, unbiased overview of what products are available for his clients. Ruihan ensures that my needs are heard first before providing his recommendations, so I'm very assured that he looks out for my interests right from the get-go. My most heartfelt appreciation towards him 😌
Ms Keong
Rui Han is very good in his insurance knowledge together with strong fundenmental from property and option investing. The first step to investing is to make sure our coverage is enough, he is well versed with policy from different agencies to kick start that
Mr Ang
​I got to know Rui Han through a friend. Rui Han is a friendly and approachable advisor whom I can consult regarding my plans and he’s very responsive. Moreover, he puts himself in the shoes of his clients by giving unbiased opinions and putting his client's interest as the top priority. Kudos to him and highly recommend him to anyone who needs help in financial planning!
Mr Wu
Risk Analyst
Rui Han is a friendly and reliable advisor to work with. He is always ready to reply and assist with any queries that I have regarding financial products/insurance. I can feel his genuineness and passions in this line of work and would recommend Rui Han to friends looking for an IFA.
Ms Khor
Thanks Rui Han and Yijun for the great discussions to understand our needs fully, truly done with a lot of professionalism, care and attention for us! Our family wills and finances were very professionally done.
Ms Poon
Rui Han was my mentor during my time at Synergy. He was patient and meticulous when mentoring me and ensured that I clearly understood everything before moving to the next topic. Despite being new to this industry, I was able to learn very quickly with the help from RuiHan and I am certain he will be an asset to any organisation in the future.
Mr Tan
I was the one who approached Rui Han for a consult around 2016. Back then, I described to him a policy that i purchased which he sensed that something was off based on my understanding and what i expected of it versus what it really is, and he was genuinely concerned. I did not have any idea about what I was getting myself into and trusted the agent that i got the policy from regarding the supposed returns I could get after 10 years. Turns out that the returns projected is not realistic based on actual facts after Rui Han vetted the plan with me. The opportunity cost would have been thousands of dollars had i continued investing in it. I still remember how he suggested to give the agent some benefit of doubt to clear up any miscommunication, but the agent did not reply and simple dissappeared. He then accompanied me to down to the financial institution to sort this issue out Ever since then, I know I could rely and trust in Rui Han. He is no doubt very sincere and sales is not his priority. He ensures my family and I have what we need in place. Unlike many other consultants, he does not constantly push for his clients to get additional products that they do not require. Rui Han is also one who will be there at times of emergencies. He is the first person I always reach out to whenever I meet issues while travelling or that one time I got hospitalised. He replies immediately and provides much needed assurance to the issues I encounter. Thanks so much for the help and advice over the past few years, buddy! ☺️
Ms Esther
TPC Analyst
Rui Han is different from the many financial planners and insurance agents. He is authentic in helping me to achieve passive income for my retirement. He has my welfare at heart which is so assuring and enlightening. Just within 1 hour, he was able to summarize my source of passive income, my overall retirement scenario, what should i do to preserve my passive income and how to generate more in the future. He even gives me valuable advice on the use of insurance plan. I would recommend him to people who want someone who has client's interest and objective at heart and genuinely provide advice based on clients' terms and interest.
Ms Agnes
Senior Admin Executive