Senior Relationship Manager

RNF No: KDW300309923
Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPPⓇ)

My name is Shawn, and here is how I charted by path as an Independent Advisor.

Most people who know me long enough will know that I am not someone who is deskbound, I keep myself sane by changing my environment once in a while.

Hence, I settled for a career which caters to my natural self. 

“Why not other careers? Any front-end job does the work.” You might ask. The reason is because I find it difficult to conform to jobs bounded by a predefined structure that I might even disagree to the smallest extent. Setting my own rules and building my own system is what I do best. It is way easier for me to function this way.

However, that does not mean I am a lone wolf, rather I still need social elements and have deep conversations (or coupled with some friendly banters) to work well. Therefore, this career encompasses most non-negotiable factors that I am looking for. 

I strive for the best service that I can provide, and how I measure my service level is how comfortable my clients feel with me. As what I communicate to everyone, “Strive for competency in an advisor, not quantity (because clients can have more than one)”, as quantity does not translate to comfort and ease. Quality of service is what generates that. 

Fortune Favours the Brave!


What I appreciate Shawn is his professional work ethics when I am engaging him for his services. His no-nonsense approach makes it easy for consumers like me in arriving at a decision when I am planning for my finances. Thanks to Shawn, I am assured that all my queries are answered with clarity and I am given the best possible options after he made the necessary comparison. Also, what I greatly appreciate is that he is well versed in his product knowledge as well as the way he logically explain what is the best approach when planning for coverage and wealth accumulation. Highly recommend to everyone who values comparison and a straightforward way in acquiring your needs.
Mr Lim
I am very happy to have Shawn as my agent. We all know that buying an insurance policy these days is not a difficult task, but finding a good agent who can identify your needs, understand your current financial situation and provide you with the best deals available in the market, is an extremely daunting task. During the few discussion sessions I had with Shawn, not a single moment did he come across as a pushy agent. Something I am grateful for. Moreover, Shawn was able to explain the policy in layman terms and effectively convey the meaning across. Furthermore, Shawn was able to provide me with comparison of different companies’ products and recommendations which greatly aided me in making an informed decision. In summary, Shawn is someone who I will definitely recommend and rest assured that his recommendations will always be in your best interest.
Mr Lim
Data Analyst
My wife got a call about Eldershield upgrade. Since she doesn't have one she agreed for the meet up. Mr Shawn came to our place & explained clearly about Eldershield upgrade. I then asked him about personal accident insurance and any investment recommendations. What I like about Mr. Shawn's recommendation is that it's not limited to 1 insurance policy. He presented to me the 4 best policies based on cost and benefit. From there, I get to decide on my own which one suits my needs. On the investment side, he presented an overview of the 10 year plan, the breakdown of payments and potential gains over the years. All in all Mr. Shawn showed a very professional assessment of financial products and is very accommodating in all our queries.
Mr Cacafranca
Lucky to meet Shawn when I first arrived in Singapore. Was looking for medical coverage in a foreign place as I was worried that the high medical cost. Thanks to him providing me a seamless service by recommending and comparing suitable products, I can focus my work and personal life in Singapore without worrying for unforeseen events. He was patient in explaining the terms and conditions of the medical cover with strong clarity, and that is what I highly value in a financial advisor. To everyone who prefers making informed decision, Shawn is definitely someone who is able to provide the necessary data for you.
Ms Lim
Was gaining interest in Investments and I happen to know that Shawn is in the industry. When approaching him for his advice, am glad that he was not hard on his approach. He made sure that I understood the concepts of investing and adequately warned me of the pitfalls of this method of wealth accumulation. His honest route of advisory is what assures me that I have found the person to assist me in my wealth accumulation needs. To top it off, his belief in active management of my invested monies helps me ensure that I am on track to achieving my goals. Recommending to everyone who is looking for a structural, consistent and predictable way to compound wealth.
Mr Toh
Was interested to look for an avenue that provides higher returns given the lower interest rate environment, hence I decide to call up Shawn to advise on possible options. He recommended the path of investments, and also patiently explain why this is a possible route for higher returns albeit the risk involved. Shawn fully understood my need for liquidity given my current commitments, hence he planned a proposal which allows access to my monies should I ever need it. For that I am thankful for his move of prioritizing my concern. I implore everyone to look for Shawn should you wish to know how to grow their wealth in a sustainable manner.
Mr Tan
Got to know Shawn through my fiancé as he was searching for possible avenues to grow his savings. After hearing what Shawn has to provide, I decide to go go along with the proposal given to my fiancé from Shawn. Reason for doing so is because I can see clarity and honesty from the way Shawn makes his case. He does not exaggerate returns and also cautioned the risk for putting my savings in the market. Only concern I have is whether I am able to gain access to my investments without incurring penalties, which Shawn fully address this issue as well. Recommend Shawn to everyone who values honest advice, or looking for an advisor who will prioritize your needs and interest over everything else.
Ms Ting
F&B Inspector
Had some idle cash and did not want the value to erode due to rising inflation. Sought out Shawn's advice after sharing my parameters and my expectation. He was patient throughout our discussion and offered various options that fits best what I am looking for. His ability in simplifying confusing jargons into understandable terms makes it relatively easy for me to make decisions. It helps when Shawn is an independent advisor as his neutral stance will eliminate biasness in his recommendations. I recommend him to people alike who are also looking for vehicles to grow your wealth in a consistent and predictable way, at the same time who value independence.
Mr Lim
Product Manager
Had graduated recently and entered the workforce. Was encouraged by my fiancé to consider Early Critical Illness (ECI) policy, to protect myself against inability to earn an active income in the event of health scares. My Fiancé introduced me to Shawn to help me find a suitable ECI cover that suits my profile and budget. With his help, I managed to acquire coverage that is adequate in compensation, and within what I can afford. I recommend Shawn to everyone who values sound and honest advice on the topic of financial advisory.
Ms Jia Xin
Marketing Executive
Currently residing in Australia for career reasons. Had accumulated spare cash when I was working overseas. Knew that Shawn is professionally advising on investments in Singapore, and hence sought his advice on how I may grow my spare cash sustainably. It was like pro bono service as he knew that it was difficult for my circumstance to invest in Singapore. Nonetheless, he still provided me ideas and recommendation that I may DIY, and most importantly, hassle free. His investment narrative is not frequently heard elsewhere, which was a rather refreshing perspective. Do look for Shawn if you want to consider better alternatives for your investment journey.
Mr Ng
Was looking to get myself covered with a comprehensive health insurance while working in Singapore, as I was worried of the exorbitant healthcare cost here. With a stroke of luck, I got to know Shawn through a mutual friend. Through his thorough comparison and advice, I successfully got myself adequately covered without burning a hole in my pocket. Shawn is well informed with his product knowledge, and I recommend to all who prefers an advisor who will prioritise their needs and interest over all other matters.
Mr Ng
I have met Shawn through my friend in Singapore. Previously was studying in Singapore, and was encourage to take up Health Insurance to ensure that I am properly covered against massive medical bills. With his advice and thorough comparison, I was able to select the most suitable health insurance coverage for myself. For that, I am thankful for Shawn's services. He will be the go-to person should you need personalised financial advices.
Ms Stevanie
Marketing Manager
Our family has been blessed to be in Shawn's care since 2020. Shawn is a shining example of a lifelong financial advisor. We admire his down-to-earth qualities and naturally, he has become a family friend. Well versed with various insurance, investments, etc, Shawn tailor-made holistic financial plans and proposals according to our needs and goals. Besides being meticulous and organized, he provides clarity by patiently breaking down and explaining complex financial information in a concise manner that is easy for us to understand. Shawn is continuously growing his financial knowledge, insights and expertise. If there is something he is unsure of, he is honest about it and takes the effort to find out more. His detailed evaluations and client-centric approach equipped us with a comprehensive overview of our financial health and direction, enabling us to feel safe and confident in our decision-making. Shawn is helpful, thoughtful, trustworthy and humble. He is always receptive to our queries, even when it doesn't benefit him directly. He demonstrates his reliability, genuine care and support for our family in many ways which we appreciate.
Ms Tan
Design and Media