Senior Relationship Manager

RNF No: TYJ300347019
Certified Financial Planner CFPⓇ, MDRT Qualifier, Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPPⓇ)

Hi! My name is Yi Jun. Here is my short sharing about my path to working as an IFA.

I graduated from NUS with an Honors in Arts (Architecture), and while having interest in design and buildings, working in the architecture industry was not my calling. It is also when I freshly graduated that I chanced upon the financial planning industry, further ignited with personal experiences on the importance of money management that compelled me to join this career.

My parents are blue-collar workers and do not have high educational qualifications, and we led a simple, humble lifestyle. Growing up in a middle-class family inculcated in me a strong belief that one should not spend beyond their means. However, as I grew older, I realised that this principle alone is not enough. Sometimes, we can do no wrong with our choices, but misfortune can still befall upon us.

Once, my dad suffered a heart attack – thankfully, he got medical attention in time, and the hospital bills were covered by his insurance that he purchased a long time ago. Had he not been covered, the medical bills would have crippled my family’s finances.

Misfortune aside, I have come to understand the sobering truth that while we need to earn our living, the money we earn needs to be grown properly for us not to be trapped in an endless cycle of toiling at work, or as would the Chinese say it, “手停口停”. As we age, so do our parents, and it is my wish that they can work because they want to for an active lifestyle, and not because they are forced to for lack of retirement funds.

Despite my desire to learn about money management, I had a rough beginning to this career, as I was inducted in a tied agency of an insurance company (which means I am licensed to only distribute one insurer’s product) with a culture that I did not align with. I thus sought a more suitable environment, and I am glad to currently work here in an IFA team whereby I am not restricted to one insurance company’s products, and more importantly, have access to more investment solutions. This is important because insurance alone protects but cannot build wealth. We need to have the right tools and platforms to invest safely and profitably as well.

The topic of money is a fascinating one. It is a social construct, yet permeates all aspects of our lives. We should be a master of it, and not the other way around – for a better, more comfortable life for ourselves and our loved ones.


Had a portfolio review with Yijun through a investing community's recommendation and she was so detailed and helpful! In particular, during the review session, she made me understood my current situation, review my current portfolio and propose ways to maximise my wealth so that I can able to hit my retirement goals confidently! Kudos to Yijun and I am sure you will benefit from her one-to-one consultation! Keep up the good work!
Mr Tan
Civil Servant
She’s so kind. Friendly and patient. Give the best advice to improve my portfolio and let me make decisions. Even I asked her about other insurance plans, she didn’t do hard selling. That’s what I like about her the most.
Software Developer
It was great that I have spoken to Yi Jun advising on my existing policies that I am holding currently. She is quick in scanning data that I have presented to her and understood what I have in mind for the issue that I am concern about for she was a good listener. She was able to throw in some tips of how I can optimise my current situation. Fruits for thought for me after our discussion. There are new angles to relook into my portfolio to optimise my investment and protection. However, I need some time to think it through. Many thanks to Yi Jun for that chat session. ^_^
Mr Koh
Senior Lecturer
I met Yi Jun 5 years ago, she did up an investment plan for me and analysed for me how I should manage my finances. Yi Jun is a very friendly, helpful and engaging person. She is willing to help me to analyse whenever I have inquiries. She gives good advice and explains things well. The way we communicate makes me feel comfortable. She has built trust and I trust her advice with my financial planning.
Yijun is helpful in responding to my questions, and quick in her response as well.
Ms Wong
Needed my insurance framework reviewed and was recommended by someone to see Rui Han and Yi Jun to get an opinion. Having met many other insurance advisors previously, I found that they are not only very knowledgeable but they applied their knowledge with client's interest in mind. It was a very pleasant and efficient journey reviewing and rationalising all my insurance plans with their advice and help. I would recommend them to any of my friends as the go to person for insurance advice.
Dr Lenard
Thanks Rui Han and Yijun for the great discussions to understand our needs fully, truly done with a lot of professionalism, care and attention for us! Our family wills and finances were very professionally done.
Ms Poon