Associate Director

RNF No: SZQ300177710


Zhen Quan is a trust and professional guy who will go all out for you. Not only does he possess great knowledge in his job, he is also very patience. Being non pushy, he made the whole session stress free. Highly commendable.
Mr Toh
Reliable, knowledgeable, great personality and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients is what makes a truly professional Financial Adviser. Zhen Quan had this and more. You take care of my financial affairs fully since 2018 – thank you!
Ms Tan
Zhen quan's expertise & knowledge in his field of work provides his clients with assurance in his services. He has always provided genuine advice & is willing to go the extra mile to help his clients. I have trusted him with my financials for 7 years and never regretted with this decision made.
Ms Xue Bing
A very patient guy who will go all out for you. Gathering different comparison and explains them to Ensure I understand. Someone who know their work. Great customer service, will always follow up to check on client. ◡̈
Ms Cindy Wang
Never have I ever met an insurance agent like Mr Siah. Unlike most insurance agents, he has extreme patience in making sure you understand what you are buying into. It also brings me great assurance to know he is just a phone call or text message away. On a more personal front, he has a remarkable personality as well. His frank and forthright nature makes him suited for his current role as a financial advisor. His humorous personality makes every meeting joyous and pleasant.
Ms Junko
Zhen Quan is very professional in his line of work and had provided very valuable advises for me. He is always ready to help and go the extra mile to fully understand my financial situation before providing me with the best solution. Each meetings we have are made comfortable and casual due to his friendly and humorous nature. This has made it very easy to discuss financial plans with him. He offers good advice, but never does pressure you to buy something you are not sure of. Zhen Quan is a dedicated, professional agent whom I would highly recommend.
Ms Lim
Zhen Quan is someone who will go all out for clients. Comparing different quotations while taking into consideration of his clients, always giving his best in the interest of his clients. Being very reliable and trustworthy, he has been managing my finance since few years back, and no regrets for choosing him as my financial consultant!
Ms Chiyen